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Jasper Poultry Farms … Home Farm 1939


83 Old Derry 1939 S

83 Old Derry 1939

Establishing himself in the poultry business Grant steadily expanded his flock, developed more efficient methods of production and built better houses for the poultry.  This success continued and his became the third largest poultry operation in New Hampshire.  All the while retaining the reputation as a friendly and honest business man.
By the mid 1920’s he expanded by purchasing the adjacent farm, now 62-64 Old Derry Road.  Over the next 15 years two additional farms were purchased.  The first at what is now 36-38 Old Derry Road and the next at 53 Old Derry. Grant  continued to use the name Mapleview Poultry Farm until the first expansion, at which time this  home farm became the headquarters of Jasper Poultry Farms.
Grant and Bernice raised a family of 2 boys (Robert and Forest) and 2 girls (Nancy and Dorothy).  Forest moved to Amherst where he operated a large poultry farm; Nancy moved to Anaheim, California.  Dorothy married David Crockett and they lived locally.  Robert  “Bob” remained at the farm working  with his father.  By 1941 he and his wife Reita moved into the house at 53 Old Derry Road.  Prior to his father’s passing in 1956, he took over the day to day operations of the farm, assisted by his brother-in-law, David.  Business increased, requiring a work force of 13 or 14 people in the late 1960’s. In the 1960’s as a means of increasing local business, he opened Jasper’s Stand on Route 102 opposite Connie’s Country Kitchen.  By 1970 production dropped and two years later Robert retired from poultry and closed down the farm and established  Tuckaway Campground and later a mobile home park.  Robert’s son Shawn did reopen a portion of the operation from 1979 to 1983. Like his father, Robert served as president of the NH Poultry Growers Association.  He  served on the School Board, representing them with the Budget Committee.  He was an Alvirne Trustee for 26 years.  Reita and Robert had a family of 1 son, Shawn, and a daughter, Maria (Jasper) VanderWoude.  Upon his passing in 2012, both the Hudson Town and School District Reports were dedicated to him.
Since the  poultry operation closed  in 1983 the  properties of the Jasper Family have transitioned into residential, storage, and retail space for light industries under the management and hard work of Shawn.  Shawn has a  calling for public service; he has served the Town of Hudson as a call firefighter, several terms on the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen.  He also has many years of service as a State Legislature and is currently Speaker of The House of Representatives.  Shawn and his wife Laurie (Lyons) were married in 1992.  Shawn, Laurie, and their daughter Sarah, a recent graduate of The University of New Hampshire at Durham, reside at the home farmhouse of his grandparents.  Both Shawn and Laurie are active with the Historical Society.
Laurie is native to Andover, MA and a graduate of The University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a degree in English.  In 1999 she authored Images of America: Hudson, NH published by Arcadia Publishing.  More recently in 2015 she and Shawn co-authored Legendary Locals of: Hudson, NH also published by Arcadia.  She is a regular reporter for Hudson-Litchfield News.    One of her favorite activities is helping with the Hudson History Tours for the third-graders.
The photo is a 1939 view of the home farm from what is now Old Derry Road and is courtesy of the Jasper Family and now a part of the collection of the Historical Society.  

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