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Remember Hudson When …contains photos with  corresponding articles from Hudson’s past.  For some these posts will bring back memories; for others a bit of history.  Some will  go back only a few decades while others reach back 100 years or more!

A Remember Hudson When article will be posted here weekly and simultaneously submitted to the Hudson Litchfield News for publication.  The photos are from the Society’s Collection or, in a few cases, from private collections of Society members.

What Can You Do?

Give us your feedback or suggestions on individual posts or the site in general.  If you have a photo from Hudson’s past that you would like to share let us know!!

If you like what you see consider lending your support to the Hudson Historical Society by becoming a member or making a donation.  Click here to visit the Society’s site.

About the society 

Organized in 1963 with the purpose of preserving and stimulating an interest in Hudson’s history.  Our museum of Hudson’s history is located in the Alvirne Hills House at 211 Derry Road.

The articles posted here are written by Ruth M. Parker or other members of the Society’s Genealogy and Research Committee.  The purpose is to document some of our town’s history and share it with individuals who have a connection with Hudson.  We do ask that commercial use of these articles and photos be by permission and that credit is given to the Hudson Historical Society and the author.

A ‘pull down’ menu on the right side of the home page provides an index to these articles by category and street.



  1. Carol Flewelling says:

    Such fun to have them all in one location. Enjoyed going through each of them. So much history that could be lost without your interest and posting.


  2. Marilyn says:

    I second that. Lyn


  3. Lenora says:

    Very Nice!


  4. Laurie says:

    Thanks for doing this, Ruth! I will share the news of this great site!


  5. Lynne Mari says:

    I love this Ruth. Thanks for all of your hard work!


  6. Debbye Tardiff says:

    Ruth, you have done an amazing job putting together all this historical information for everyone else to enjoy!


  7. Like this site a lot brings back the good olde days


  8. Phyliss (Charron) Christie says:

    I grew up in Hudson, but moved away 50 years ago. I just love reading these installments about my home town. Thanks to Ruth Parker and all those who are making this endeavor possible.


  9. Phyliss (Charron) Christie says:

    Wendy!!!! I’ve thought about you a million times. I’m going to try to reach you with the address you left on here. But here’s mine in case I don’t have it right. phyliss21502@gmail.com


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