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Jasper Family Homestead at 83 Old Derry Road


83 Old Derry Road has been home to five generations of the Jasper family.  It all began back in August 1916 when Grant Jasper, then a young man of 26, purchased a small poultry farm from Carlton C. Brain and moved here with his parents, Arthur and Sarah Jasper.
Grant was born in Amsterdam, NY

83 Old Derry 1919

Mapleside Poultry Farm 1919

and while a young child the family moved to Lowell, MA where he attended school and graduated from Lowell Textile School in 1912.  He worked as an apprentice in the textile industry and then as a weaver for 3 years.  His dad, Arthur, was also a weaver and known for his skilled craftsmanship.  Preferring to work out doors, Grant went to work at Lord Farm, a poultry farm in Methuen, MA.  He spent 20 months there, working and learning the basics of poultry farming.

From 1909 to 1916 Carlton Brain operated Mapleside Poultry Farm on Derry Road (now Old Derry Road) in Hudson.  With failing health he sold his home, out buildings, a truck, 300 leg horns, and a row of Maple trees in front of the house to Grant Jasper for $6,000 and moved to California.   By 1917 Grant and Bernice Louise Fall, a former secretary at Lord Farm, were married.  Our first photo shows the house and barn with the wood and carriage sheds which connect them.  Along what was then a dirt Derry Road is a  beautiful stone wall. This photo was taken in 1919 by Carlton Brain.  Prior to 1909 and ownership by Carlton Brain this property was owned by a number of individuals.  The earliest known being Fredrick Peabody a blacksmith from Pelham who purchased from Nathan and Abigail Andrews in 1829.  It is likely that prior to that this property was a part of Londonderry which was annexed to Nottingham West in 1778.
Establishing himself in the poultry business Grant steadily expanded his flock, developed more efficient methods of production and built better houses for the poultry.  This success continued over the next 30 years and his became the third largest poultry operation in New Hampshire.  All the while retaining the reputation as a friendly and honest business man.
By 1922 he expanded by purchasing the adjacent farm, now 62-66 Old Derry Road.  Over the next 22 years two additional farms were purchased.  The first at what is now 34-36 Old Derry Road and the next at 53 Old Derry.  Jasper Poultry Farms continued to operate for two additional generations.  First with the leadership of Grant’s son Robert “Bob” assisted by his brother-in-law David Crockett; and later by grandson Shawn who continues the management of The Jasper Properties to the current time.  Our second photo shows the home farmhouse C1950 as home to Grant and Bernice Jasper.
1976031001 S

Home of Grant and Bernice Jasper C 1950

The photos shown here are courtesy of the Jasper Family and a part of the collection of the Historical Society.  In the up coming weeks  we will be sharing the history of other properties along Old Derry Road, including those annexed by Grant Jasper as he enlarged  Jasper Poultry farms.

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