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Hudson Center From Kimball Hill 1946


Hudson Center from School 1946

Hudson Center from School 1946

Traveling down Kimball Hill Road in 1946 one paused in front of the Hudson Center School for this photo of Hudson Center.  Moore’s General Store, at the base of the cemetery and at the intersection of Hamblett Avenue and Kimball Hill Road, began operation about 1925 when Earl “Dinty” Moore purchased the store and house from Harvey Lewis.  At the time Earl Moore was a rural mail carrier for Hudson but his family helped with the operation of the store.  Harvey Lewis had operated a general store at this location since about 1888.
The large, 2 story home in the foreground was home to Earl and Vesta Moore and their family.  Behind the house to the left you can see  the  general store. Parking was limited to along the streets and the short driveway between the store and the house.  Ownership of the store passed from Earl to his son Kenneth.  Later, Kenneth’s brother-in-law Morillo Post entered the business.   After Morillo passed, the business was sold to David and Robert Thompson, both of whom grew up nearby on Hamblett Avenue and had worked for the Moore Family in previous years.  The Thompson Brothers operated the store at this location until November 1969 when fire badly damaged the building.  Rather than rebuild on this site the Thompsons relocated their business to 230 Central Street, now the location of the 7-11.
This property was rebuilt to a smaller size and then rented and later sold.  It is now the location of the ever popular Kahil’s sub and sandwich shop.  You may ask what became of the Moore family residence?  At some point in time it was moved across the street and up the hill slightly to what is now 9 Kimball Hill Road.  This allowed for some parking and permitted the town to widen the streets.
Hudson Center from School 2017

Hudson Center 2017

Looking at the rest of the photo, we see Hamblett Avenue looking toward Wattannick Grange.  Also, beyond the cemetery are the Baptist Church and the church parsonage.  At the time of this photo, this was home to Jessie (Wentworth) Gilbert. As a point of
comparison we have included a photo of that same location in 2017.The mailbox and driveway on the left are for 9 Kimball Hill Road, the current location of the Moore home.
Photo courtesy of Esther McGraw and a part of the collection of the Historical Society.

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