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Aerial View Derry Road 1977


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Aerial View Derry Road 1977

This 1977 aerial photo of  Derry Road was taken from behind the 20th Century Shopping Center (Now 102 Plaza) looking easterly such that  we see Saint Pattrick’s Cemetery, McDonalds, and Hudson Mall across the two-lane Derry Road.
As plans for the new bridge(s) across the Merrimack River evolved in the 1960’s businesses and homes near the old  Taylor Falls Bridge were slated for demolishion.  This included 20th Century Store, White Cross, Hudson Pharmacy,  along with other businesses, apartments, and homes.  Phil Lamoy, owner of the 20th Century Stores announced plans to build a shopping center on the Derry Road; ground breaking on the 25 acre parcel took place in July 1969.  His site included the location of the former Goodwin’s Fried Clam Stand.  Goodwin’s, a popular clam stand and restaurant,  had been located hear since 1931.  By 1970 Lamoy had moved his 20th Century Hudson store into this center which provided retail space for a drug store, beauty shop, barber shop, and restaurant along with a large parking area.  By 1977 the 20th Century Store had given way to Bargain Outlet.  The center went by the name of 20th Century but the store itself was no longer doing business in Hudson.
By August 1970 the president of The Bank of NH (formerly the Second National Bank and now TD Bank) announced the purchase of a spot on the northern part of the 20th Century Center for a branch office.  Just north of the bank was Quigley’s CITGO gas station which began operation about 1972.  This Citgo has morphed over the years into the Mobil Station.    North of the gas station where we now have a Dunkin Donuts and the roadway to Abbott Farms Condominiums we see no development.
Development of Hudson Mall on the opposite side of the road occurred a few years later.  This was the site of Abbott Dairy, operated initially and for many years by George Abbott.  After his sudden death in 1929 his sons Roland and Kenneth ran the milk business.  Local dairy farmers would deliver their milk for processing after which milk and cream were delivered to homes and businesses in the Nashua and Hudson area.  After Roland’s death in 1964, “Kenny” carried on until the property was sold for the new Hudson Mall.  Prior to 1968 the west side of Derry Road near Quigley’s station had been home to Roland and Hazel Abbott and their family.  On the east side, adjacent to Abbott Dairy, was the home of Kenneth and Hilda Abbott and their family.
In 1973 Vickery Realty, owner and developer, publicized their plans to build Hudson Shopping Mall on the east side of Derry Road, just north of St. Patrick’s Cemetery.  The original mall was a multi-million dollar complex of a climate controlled, enclosed sidewalk mall with a large Alexander’s Super Market on the north end.  Alexanders opened for business in 1974; other smaller stores and First Federal Bank soon followed.   By May 1977 McDonald’s Restaurant was added as a stand alone business.
Significant changes have occurred over the years.  In 1988 the Post Office was relocated to this mall.  In 1990 Alexander’s supermarket (now Hannafords) moved up in size and relocated to the south end of the Mall.  At about the same time, the mall itself was modified to eliminate the interior sidewalk.  The space occupied by the original Alexanders has been re-configured into a number of retail spaces.
This photo, from the Historical Society Collection,  was taken for preparation of the publication of Town In Transition.

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