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EssoHeat Truck Crash May 23, 1947


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Essoheat Truck Crash May 23, 1947

On May 23, 1947 John J. Montgomery of Lowell, MA was operating this EssoHeat delivery truck in Hudson on route to a delivery in Derry.  At about 3:00 pm he lost control of the vehicle near the Gile home on Derry Road and crashed headlong into a stone Wall.  Mr. Montgomery was shaken up but escaped serious injury.  The front end of the truck was badly damaged. Police Chief Polak reported the accident was due to faulty steering mechanism.

Police Chief Polak detailed police officers to guard the truck and also called for a fire truck which remained at the scene as a safety measure until 10:00pm.  Assistant Fire Chief Harry D. Emerson was in charge.

I had no idea where the Giles home was on Derry Road.  In 1947 Derry Road also included Old Derry Road out to the Londonderry Line.  After a trip to the Registry of Deeds and access to the town records I learned that the Giles home had been  located at what is now 145 Old Derry Road.  As you travel on Old Derry Road, heading towards Londonderry, you pass the Hudson Speedway and the intersection with Robinson Road. On your left is the Senter Cemetery.  About 1/10 mile further you come to 145 Old Derry Road on your right


Elizabeth Gile  purchased this homestead in 1944.  Prior to that the property was owned by Alphonse Lee and his wife Delima.  Prior to that it was owned by members of the Heath family and earlier the Senter Family.  In 1952 Roy Cross and his wife Lena (Avery)  purchased the property from the estate of Elizabeth Gile.  Roy Cross passed in 1959 and Lena continued to make this her home until she passed in 1970.  In 1972 the property was purchased by Paul F. Gauvreau from Lena’s daughter Flora Kinsey.  Paul had a keen interest in this section of Hudson particularly the Poor Farm and the Poor Farm Cemetery behind the farmhouse on Old Derry Road.  Paul’s research was instrumental in kindling public awareness of the old Poor Farm Cemetery.


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