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Railroad Overpass at Lowell and Central C1910



Railroad Overpass at Lowell and Central  C1910

Taken from one of the glass negatives in our photo collection this is one of those amazing photos which tells its own story!  The photo is from the photography of Walter Peavey who lived at 74 Central Street;  later the home of Leon and Gerri Hammond.
The dirt road you see across the picture is Central Street near the beginning of Lowell Road.  Of the two homes we see, the one on our left is currently 1 Lowell Road.  The one on our right is  65 Central Street. Both Central Street and Lowell Road are dirt roadways.  The steam railroad crossed the Merrimack River just below the Taylor Falls Bridge where the abutments can still be seem.  On the Hudson side the tracks went north easterly and behind these homes and emerged at about the location of the former Hetzer’s Bike Shop.  The train ran on the overpass you see in this photo  and  on to Hudson Center.
The trolley line crossed from Nashua on the Taylor Falls Bridge and ran on or along side Central Street and then down Lowell Road.  The lower level of this overpass was used by the trolley line and vehicle/horse drawn traffic.  Look closely and you can see the trolley tracks along Central Street.
Although both the train and trolley tracks had been removed by the 1940’s,  the overpass and stone abutments remained into the 1950’s when they were also removed in order to improve what had become a dangerous intersection.

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