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Railroad Overpass at Hudson Center



Railroad Overpass at Hudson Center

After crossing from Nashua into Hudson on the Taylor Falls Bridge, the street railway (trolley) branched in 3 directions.  The first made a sharp turn down Webster Street and north to Litchfield and Manchester.  The second proceeded up Central Street and on to and then down Lowell Road.  The third, and the route of interest to us today, came up Ferry Street past Library Park.  The trolley tracks remained on or alongside Ferry Street until the street ended at Burnham Road (near what is now Merrifield Park).  At this point the trolley continued in a more or less straight line through the wooded and marsh area around Tarnic Pond.  A relic of these tracks can be seen to the right of C.J. Chasers.   The trolley line ultimately made a sharp right turn toward Central Street (route 111) emerging onto Central Street between Burger King and 7-11.  It then crossed Central, onto the Benson’s property, and towards Bush Hill Road and the Haselton Barn.
The steam railroad crossed from Nashua into Hudson just a few rods south of the Taylor Falls Bridge, proceeded on a NorthEast path converging with Central Street near it’s intersection with Lowell Road ( site of Hammond Park).  The railroad proceeded eastward towards Hudson Center crossing Burnham Road (called Betsey Cutter Crossing) on to part of Westview Cemetery and to the Station at Hudson Center at Greeley Street.
These 2 lines met behind what is now Burger King and to the right of The White Birch.  At this junction the railroad went on the overpass and the trolley on the lower level.  The overpass itself and the tracks for both the railroad and the trolley have been removed; leaving the huge granite blocks or abutments.  This photo was taken C 1980 and is part of the Historical Society collection.

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