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First World War Monument at Library Park


WWI Monument Library Park 2016

First World War Monument 2016

The First World War began in Europe during July 1914 and for the first years the United States had a policy of non-involvement.  After the sinking of the Lusitania and the killing of some 190 Americans and later attacks on US ships, the United Stated declared war on Germany April 1917. The Armistice which lead to the end of conflicts was signed November 11, 1918.

Bronze Tablet Listing Servicemen

Between 1917 and 1919 some 71 young men from Hudson were engaged in the Armed Forces.  A listing of these servicemen was maintained by historian Julia (Webster) Robinson. At the town meeting in March 1920 the town voted to raise a tablet to honor these men and by early 1922 this granite boulder and attached bronze tablet was placed on Library Park by the Town of Hudson at a cost of $977.65.  Of these young men 3 of then lost their lives during the conflict.  On June 25, 1921 members oft he local Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Chapter planted 3 maple trees nearby on Library Park near this monument as a memorial to Carlton  Petry, Merrill Spaulding, and Leland Woods.  Photos from the Historical Society Collection.

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