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Town Seal and Flag



Town Seal 1965

We see the town seal prominently displayed on various town vehicles, in town literature, on the web site, and even used (with permission) by some town organizations.  The seal, as show here, was first displayed on the back cover of The Hudson Annual Report for 1960.  At the town meeting in March 1961 the voters adopted this seal as the official seal.Just prior to this Henry A. Fraser, a Hudson resident designed this seal at the request of Ned Spaulding, long time moderator of Hudson.  He used a sketch of a typical garrison house from Webster’s History of Hudson as a basis for the center.  The letters encircling identifies the incorporation date of 1746; when the town of Nottingham West (now Hudson) was chartered by New Hampshire.  The original charter signed by then governor Benning Wentworth is preserved in the archives of Rodgers Memorial Library.
Mr. Fraser and his wife Gloria built their home and raised a family after he purchased land from the Merrill family on Maple Avenue.  Professionally he was a wood worker and artist; employed by various companies in NH and Mass.
After adoption as the official seal a full color rendition was converted to a decal/print for use by and by permission of the Town of Hudson.
town flag 1975 comp

Town Flag 1975

The official town flag shown here was created as part of Hudson’s celebration of the US Bicentennial which began in 1975.  A contest was held by the art department of Alvirne High School and a number of entries resulted.  This particular design was selected as the winner and later adopted for the official town flag at the Town meeting of March 1975.  The winning entry was by Terry Battey, then a senior at Alvirne.  The design is simple but nice:  the center being the same garrison house used in the town seal, surrounded by 9 stars signifying that New Hampshire was the 9th state to ratify the US Constitution.  These were then placed in the center of a light blue flag.  After the winner was chosen, some number of flags were made and displayed at commemorative events during the US bicentennial  celebration,  one is now on display in the corridor of the main floor in the Hudson Town Building. After graduating from Alvirne Terry attended Keene State College.  She now lives in Auburn,NH and is busy with a full time job,and as a mother, and grandmother.
The rendition of the town seal shown here is from the 1960 Town Report; the photo of the flag is from 1975 Town Report

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