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Go To The Post Office for a Dozen Eggs



The expression “Go to the post office for a dozen eggs” was a common one during years of our town history when the Post Office was co-located within a grocery business.  Charles Daniels took over this business site in 1903 and was appointed Postmaster, a position he held until 1921.  Soon after 1903 he was joined in partnership with Charles Gilbert and together they operated a successful grain and grocery business for many years.  The post office remained here until 1921 when it was moved into the  Morey Building. This location previously known as the Greeley Store Building, was rebuilt by owner Elisha Martin in 1877 following a fire the previous year.  This circa 1920 picture is one of a number of post cards of Hudson printed and sold by Daniels and Gilbert.  From the Historical Society Collection.


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