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Post Office Square at Central Street c1900


This is among my favorite pictures!  A view of Central Street from Post Office Square at the bridge c1900.  On the hill  we see the Baker Brothers Store, Cumming Brother’s Shop, and the Methodist Church (now the Community Church).  In the fore ground to the left we see the watering fountain.  Walking across  the square are pedestrians coming and going to the waiting station for the electric trolley.  If you look carefully you can see the electric tracks coming from Nashua and up Central, out Webster, and Ferry Streets.  From this square one could take public transportation to Nashua as well as down Webster Street to Manchester; up Ferry Street to Hudson Center and on to Salem; and up Central Street to Lowell Road and on to Dracut and Lowell.  The waiting station and ticket office is off the picture to our right.  In 1853 the location of the Hudson Post Office was moved from Hudson Center to the bridge area and was located at first in the Greeley Store Building.  As time progressed, the location would shift from that site to the Baker Brothers Store depending upon who was appointed  Post Master.  Photo from the Historical Society collection.



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  1. Ruth M Parker says:

    Yes, this is one of my favorites!!


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