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34-36 Old Derry Road


34 Old Derry with windmill S

34 Old Derry Road With Windmill

This farm at 34-36 Old Derry Road has been known by many names. To many it is Jasper Farms Annex #2; to others the George N. Dooley Farm; and still others the Stephen D.Greeley place or even the Henry Hills Farm. This is another of the farms which originated from Nathaniel Hills’ 900 undeveloped acres. It was first conveyed by Nathaniel to his oldest son Enoch (born March 1741 in Newbury). It is not clear if Enoch ever lived on the farm or in this town once he reached his majority (age 21). If he did it was before 1746 when the property was a part of Litchfield, MA. Before 1762 it was occupied by members of the John Marsh Family and Deacon Roger Chase. By 1762 it was occupied by Henry Hills, Jr who remained on this farm until he passed in October 1773. His father, Henry Hills, Sr was the middle of the 3 brothers (sons of Samuel and grandsons of Joseph, the immigrant ancestor). who built and settled at the garrison. Henry Sr. was the last member of the Hills family to own the garrison. He sold it to Roger chase. As it was common practice to dismantle a building and use the materials to build another, there is speculation that the dwelling at 36 Old Derry Road may contain pieces of the timbers used in the garrison.

At any rate, Henry Hills, Jr remained on this farm until he passed in October 1773. His widow Hannah and son William continued to live there. William (born 1754) occupied this place for many years–certainly until some time after 1804. It was later owned by Stephen D. Greeley (born 1811 a son of Moses Greeley) and then by George N. Greeley (born 1871) These two men, although a generations apart, had similar backgrounds. Both were farmers and both were active in town and state affairs. Each served as selectman and in the state legislature. In 1881 Greeley served on a committee to examine the wooden Taylor Falls bridge and recommend repair or rebuilt. The actions of this committee resulted in replacing the wooden covered bridge with the iron bridge. Likewise in 1909 Dooley served on a committee which coordinated the replacement of the iron bridge with the cement bridge.

George N. and Ella (Hadley) Dooley raised a family of 4 sons (Arthur, Walter, George H and Phillip) )and a daughter Ella. Growing up they attended the nearby No 9 School House then to Nashua for High School. From personal memoirs we know that George H rode his bicycle the 4 miles to attend High School in Nashua, graduating in 1936. . George N. passed in 1928 at the age of 57 the result of complications resulting from a farm accident. Ella and the family continued to live here until 1935 when the farm was sold to neighbor Grant Jasper who retrofitted existing and build new structures for his expanding poultry business. By 1940 Mrs. Ella Greeley and daughter Ella, sons George and Philip were living on Ferry Street.

36 Old Derry 2012 S

Farmhouse at 36 Old Derry Road

Our earliest photo shows the barn at Annex #2 after expansion from 3 stories to 4 stories with the windmill over the well. This windmill was built by George N Dooley and removed in 1958 by the Jasper Family. Our second photo shows the farmhouse C 1912. The first is courtesy of the Jasper Family and the second from the Town of Hudson records.


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  1. Julianne Crockett Scarks says:

    Pretty sure this annex was #3, as I grew up between this and #2 annex, home of Robert and Reita Jasper between 1958 and 1974


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