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Looking North at 74 and 76 Lowell Road C 1977



74 and 76 Lowell Looking North C1977

This week we look north from Birch and Lowell onto 74 and 76 Lowell Road. Prior to 1966 74 Lowell Road was home to Xavier and Exillia Gagnon and their family.  At that time they moved to a house on B Street in Hudson.  Xavier was employed and later retired from  Johns Manville Products Corp of Nashua.  He passed in 1969 after living in Hudson for 43 years.  His family included his wife, Exillia, 2 sons, 2 daughters, and 4 grandchildren.  By 1966 the house at 74 Lowell was removed and soon replaced with The Hudson ’66’ Service Station; it is now a Sunoco Station.
 By 1970 76 Lowell was under construction and it became the home of Star Dry Cleaners, later Anton’s Cleaners. By 1977, as shown in this weeks photo, it was the location of Halls Market.  By 1980 the site expanded to include Halls Market, Prime Graphics, Superior Floor Company, and Suzies Donut and Coffee Shop.  Over time Halls Market transitioned to Palmer’s Market, Suzies Diner became Kay’s, and other business transitioned to Shear Paradise and Kay’s Laundry, more recently D+D Laundry.
Contrast this photo with the busy intersection at Birch Street we see today and the filled parking lot across the way.  Photo taken for publication in the Town in Transition and is part of the Historical Society Collection.

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