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87 Lowell Road C 1977

For years 87 Lowell Road was the home of Etienne J. and Rose Levesque.  This couple raised a family of 2 boys (Leo Paul  and Robert) and 3 girls (Marie Anne, Eva, and Cecil).  He was employed at and later retired from John Mansville in Nashua.  Mr. Levesque passed in November 1968 with a family of some 17 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.  During these years the family saw many changes along Lowell Road.  Prior to  1962 Birch Street did not exist; by 1962 Birch Street connected Lowell Road with Winnhaven Drive.
Soon after his passing this “fine commercial site” at the southern corner of Birch and Lowell was cleared for development.  A stately willow tree was sectioned and hauled away.  The former Levesque home was raised off its foundation and moved 1/4 mile down Birch Street by local contractor, John Lester.  This home remains today at 13 Birch Street as a private residence and the home of Richard and Shirley Nason and their family.
By 1970 a 3-store front building was constructed on this corner and occupied by Cumberland Farms, Anton’s Cleaners, and Russel and Son’s Carpets.  Within a few years Anton’s relocated and Cumberland expanded into their space.  The carpet place was replaced by Cardinal Reality and later by Hudson House of Pizza.  This week’s photo, from the collection of the Historical Society, was taken about 1977 for publication in the history update, Town In Transition.  Cumberland Farms and Hudson House of Pizza remained at this location until just a few years ago.  This location is now occupied by Veria Pizza and Hudson Mini Mart.

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    Great memories! Thanks so much!


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