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Life Extension of Taylor Falls Concrete Bridge


Extending Life of Concrete Bridge

Extending Life of Concrete Bridge

In 1960 the State of New Hampshire commissioned an engineering firm to conduct studies and make recommendations relative to the ever increasing east-west traffic flowing between Hudson and Nashua on the bridge.  The resulting Campbell Report, issued in late 1960, stimulated discussion and controversy which required some 7 years to resolve.  During that time traffic problems continued.  Traffic continued to increase placing more and more stress on the existing, inadequate, and deteriorating concrete bridge.  Almost unnoticed the bridge had slowly deteriorated to a point of real danger.  Load limits were placed on vehicles crossing the bridge and emergency repairs  were planned.
 While these repairs were underway the bridge was closed to all but pedestrian traffic!   Those commuting to/from Nashua would park one vehicle on the Hudson side, walk across the bridge, and continue to their job using a second vehicle on the other side.
This week’s photo, taken from the Nashua side of the river, showns the results of the emergancy repairs made to stabilize and shore up the bridge in an effort to prolong its use until the Veterans Memorial Bridge could be completed. Photo by Tom Muller and a part of the Historical Society Collection.

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