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Steam Railroad Bridge Across Merrimack River



Steam Railroad Bridge Across The Merrimack

  As you cross from Nashua into Hudson on the Taylor Falls Replacement Bridge you can see the abutments for this bridge down river on your right.  This was the bridge used by the steam railroad as it crossed the river in to Hudson.   The original wooden railroad bridge, built about 1874,  burned in 1910 after being set afire from a locomotive.  It was replaced by this iron bridge which stood until the metal was salvaged in 1944 during World War II.
The abutments  can also be seen from the shoreline of Merrill Park, located at the end of Maple Avenue.  The park entrance is built on a part of the old railroad bed.
After crossing the river, the steam railroad continued northeasterly, crossing over Lowell Road and the street railroad  on a trestle just south of the junction with Central Street (near Hammond Park).  The  train continued on to the station at Hudson Center, off Greeley Street and behind Wattannick Hall.  It then continued easterly to West Windham.  In this C 1910 photo we are looking upriver at the railroad bridge and the newly constructed cement Taylor Falls Bridge which is visible under the bridge.  Photo from the Historical Society Collection.

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