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Number 9 School House Built 1886



Before 1886  the No 9 house  (Kidder District) house was located on what is now Robinson Road.   The approximate location was on the left side of Robinson (as you turn up the hill from Old Derry Road) towards the top of the hill.  The No 10 house (Hills Row District) was located on what is now Old Derry Road (earlier Derry Road) just north of the intersection with Greeley Street.  These two districts were merged into a single district and this  No 9 School House was built by the town of Hudson in 1886.   It operated as a one-room school house until 1932.  In the mid-1930’s Grant Jasper purchased the property from the town.  The No 9 Schoolhouse is the only one  which survives intact as a school house.  In the late 1970’s it was renovated by Mr. Jasper’s grandson, Shawn.  The school house is owned by Jasper Corporation. (Published in HLN October 10, 2014.)



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