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Hudson Schools 300 Years



This exhibit shows 300 years of Hudson school history (1719 – 2021) in 5 segments.  The text with photos for each segment can be downloaded from the home page of RememberHudsonNHWhen.com.

 In the Beginning (1719 – 1890) is displayed in the Dining Room of the Hills House.  It begins with early schooling and the rise of the 10 local school districts and ends with decision by the voters to transition to a unified (town) district under the jurisdiction of a School Board of 3 members. Files for download:

District School Location Map

School Information Blocks

In The Beginning

Typical Schoolhouse

A New Era (1890 – 1934) is displayed in the Meeting Room.  It begins with the first School Board and the building of two new schoolhouses: one in the bridge area on Sanders Street (Webster School) and one at Hudson center on Windham Road (Smith School).  Fire destroyed the Smith School, and it was replaced with a school on Kimball Hill Road (Hudson Center School).  By 1934 Webster School had also endured a fire, rebuilt, and expanded.  Most of the local district schools had been closed; a few were used as needed.  After grade 7 Hudson pupils attended Nashua schools. File for download:

A New Era

Era of Many Changes (1935 – 1970) also in the Meeting Room. The two schoolhouses were at max capacity.  By 1939 Hudson Junior High school was built off School Street.  Growth of the town increased need for more classrooms.  By 1951 the vision of Dr. Alfred Hills was realized when Alvirne opened as a combined Junior/Senior High School.  The junior high building off School Street became an elementary school and renamed H.O. Smith Elementary.  By the close of this era Hudson Memorial School was in use and ready for expansion. File for download:

Era of Many Changes

Achieving Stability (1970 – 2020) also in the Meeting Room.  Hudson continued to grow.  The town purchased St John’s School for an elementary school:  Library Street School.  Later in this era we see the construction of Nottingham West and Hills Garrison Schools. Files for Download:

Achieving Stability

List of Superintendents

Alvirne Story (1920 – 2021) displayed in Meeting Room near the fireplace.  This segment begins with the vision of Dr. Hills in 1920 to the securing of the Hills Family trust funds in 1948, the first graduating class in 1951, fires at the high school and barn, to the expansion and rededication of the Palmer Center. Files for Download:

Alvirne Story

Alvirne Principals

The text with photos for each of these segments can be downloaded from the home page of RememberHudsonNHWhen.com.


Hills House Tours during Old Home Days

Hills House Tours with the customary

scavenger hunt and prizes

AND exhibit

Hudson School History 1719 – 2021

Friday Aug 13 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Saturday Aug 14 3:00 – 8:30 pm

Sunday Aug 14 12:30 – 3:30 pm

$3.00 admission; children under 12 free with adult