In 1892 the area along Ferry Street near what is now Third Street was largely undeveloped. A proposed street, named Belmont, was referenced in some area deeds. This article is about a parcel of land at the corner of Ferry and Belmont streets purchased in 1917 by Lucy (Lungarad) and Otis Robert Connell.

Otis was a Hudson native born July 1880, a son to Robert T. and Lizzie (Marshall) Connell. By November 1904 Otis and Lucy Lungarad, a native to Nova Scotia, were married and by November 1917 they purchased a 28,824 sq ft parcel of land at the former of Ferry and Belmont (now called Third) Streets from Edward J. Wells. Shortly after they proceeded to build this house at 6 Third Street, likely with help from his family. It was here from 1917 to 1939 that they lived and raised their family of two sons; Frederick and Maurice “Nick”; and one daughter; Edna Perl. Otis became a 35-year veteran worker with the Boston and Maine railroad as a yard man in Nashua. According to records it became necessary for Otis to place a mortgage on this property in 1937 and by 1939 the property was in foreclosure by the bank and a public auction scheduled. In January 1940 Hudson resident Roland Abbott purchased the property from People’s Building and Loan Association.

Otis Robert was a public servant to the town of Hudson. Elected to the Board of Selectmen in 1922, serving some 18 years until 1940 after which he announced he was not a candidate for re-election. He also served as our town’s first Overseer of the Poor. He was remembered by his fellow towns people for his quiet and unassuming disposition. Otis passed in March 1942. His wife Lucy remained in Hudson for several years and later moved to Vagge Village in Nashua. She passed in 1972. Otis and Lucy were laid to rest in the Connell family lot at Westview Cemetery.

                 6 Third Street 1956

Hudson resident Dave Flewelling was 2 years old in 1940 when his parents Russell and Eunice (Porter) moved from Nashua into the house at 6 Third Street; a home they rented from the Abbott Family for more than 30 years. Russell and Eunice lived here until she passed in October 1969. Following her death, this continued to be his residence until about 1973 when Russell moved to live with their son, Dave, and his wife Carol who were living on Windham Road in Hudson. Dave and his brother Robert (B: 1943) grew, played, and attended Hudson schools from this home. Dave was a 1956 graduate of Alvirne and entered the service in 1958 where he served for 4 years. By 1964 Dave and Carol (Whittemore) were married. Carol’s parents Roy and Annamay (Doherty) Whittemore had moved into the Third Street community in 1951 when they built their home at 11 Third Street. This 1956 photo is courtesy of the Flewelling Family.  Younger brother, Robert “Bobby” Flewelling was born in 1943 and was a 1961 graduate of Alvirne.

Getting back to the story of 6 Third Street, by May 1984 the original parcel of 28,824 sq ft was subdivided into 2 lots: 6 Third Street and 77 Ferry Street. The 6 Third Street property was then sold by the Abbott family to Joseph and Denise Cantin. Little is known of the house and who lived there for the next several years. By February 1995 it was in foreclosure and was purchased by John and Donna Holmes. The 1995 photo is courtesy of the Holmes Family and the 2019 photo is from the Town of Hudson records.   It is currently the home of Donna Holmes, the owner and operator of Donna’s Place on Lowell Road.

                 6 Third Street 1995

The house at 6 Third Street received several significant changes since it was purchased by the Holmes family. Entrance to the house is now from the side porch which has been opened and expanded. The front doorway which faced the street is now a bay window. The roof has been raised and re-shaped to provide more living space as well as an addition to the rear and side of the house.

                     6 Third 2019


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