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Revisit Lowell Road … Robert and Bertha Hard y House


Robert and Bertha Hardy House on Lowell Road C 1980


Much has changed in just a few years! The site of this home is now the location of the James A. Taylor Memorial Fire Station at 204 Lowell Road.

This home was located on the east side of Lowell Road, opposite Fairview Nursing Home and adjacent to the entrance road to what is now Mission Pointe. In the 1920’s the family of Marion (Parker) Brown lived here. Marion was one of the daughters of Caroline and George Parker. When John Hardy purchased the Pollard Farm this became the home of his parents, Bertha and Robert Hardy. Robert passed in 1969 and Bertha passed in 1984. The property was sold to settle Bertha’s estate. The home was vacant for a number of years and in 1996 it was demolished to allow for the expansion of Lowell Road in that area. In 2001 it was purchased by the Town of Hudson. This home was on the site recently selected by our town for the proposed Lowell Road Fire Station. Photo from the Historical Society Collection.  Researched and written by Ruth Parker.


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