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Frank A. Winn Farm on Lowell Road


Home of Frank A, and Effie May Winn

This week we visit the homestead of Frank Almon and Effie May (Wyeth) Winn on Lowell Road.  Frank moved to Hudson  from Pelham with his parents, Franklin A. and Lizzie Winn, about 1883 when he was 8 years old.  His family purchased  a farm of over 70 acres which stretched from Lowell Road to the river.  Across one part of the farm was a large brook which traveled through fields and woods, making it’s course through the rocky gorge to the river.  This is where Frank played, grew, and worked with his family.  By today’s landmarks, this farm includes most, if not all of , the land between Winn Avenue and Winnhaven Drive (between 35 and 49 Lowell Road)   and extending westward to the river.  Between these roads and adjacent to Lowell Road was a large tilled field  for growing  vegetables for market.  The family home with the large attached barn was located at what is now 1 Winn Avenue and faced this field.  On December 24, 1958 the barn was destroyed by a spectacular fire.  The fire fighters were able to save the house.
As a young man Frank made his way across the United States, but he soon returned to his home here in Hudson.  Along with his parents, he tilled the farm fields all his life.  In due time he came into possession of the farm.  In September 1915 he and Effie May Wyeth  were married; and it is here that they raised their family.  Frank was a tireless worker with both his hands and his head.  He not only knew about agriculture, he also knew about the wider world of business and economics.
Effie May was born in Nashua, May 1886, and educated in Nashua schools and Keene Normal School.  Prior to their marriage in 1915, she taught school in Nashua.  She later did substitute teaching in Hudson, Pelham, Merrimack, and Nashua.  Frank and Effie May raised a family of 3 girls; Lillian Emma (b: about 1918),  Effie May (b: about 1921) and Frances (b: about 1923).
Frank passed in September 1935, at the early age of 60; Effie May and her daughters continued to live at the homestead.  By the end of 1942 all three daughters were married.  Lilliam Emma was married to Walter Schindler; Effie May married Clayton Oban; and Frances Stebbins married Alton Drown.  Mrs. Winn, Effie May, was a resident of Hudson most of her 97 years.  She passed in 1983 at the home of her daughter Frances (Drown) Hosmer, with whom she had lived for a few years.  Many Hudson residents remember Effie May; particularly with her involvement with the Hudson Fortnightly Club for over 50 years.
As time advanced and the land usage changed, the Frank A. Winn farm was developed.  At first with the apartments and residential buildings in wooded area and adjacent to the river.  Later the farm field between Winn Avenue and Winnhaven Drive were developed.  The earliest development occurred in 1963 with the construction of LNL Bowl at what is now 8 Winn Avenue.  Named for the three owners:  Earl Libby, Leon Noel, and Adrien Labrie; LNL bowl offered candlepin bowling lanes, a sport unique to New England,    The lanes operated until 1978.  By 1979 this site became the home of Dessault Engineering Associates. It is now home to Opti-Sciences.
By 1964 construction began for the first of many restaurants to operate at 49 Lowell Road, likely owned by members of the Winn Family.  The Winstead Restaurant  began operation in 1965.  By 1969 this was the site of Hayward Farms Restaurant.  Over the succeeding years a number of restaurants were located here.  From what I can piece together the list is as follows:  1972 – Pizza by Giovanni; 1980 Straw Hat Restaurant; 1984 Primo’s.  Following Primo’s there were Ziggy’s, Stevie P’s, Yaght Club, Charman’s, and presently SOHO.
Construction for Nashua Federal Savings and Loan at 45 Lowell Road began in 1979.  A bank has remained at this site; becoming Bank of America and more recently Enterprise Bank.
More recently, two additional sites have been developed.  First the retail/office mall at 43 Lowell Road known as Bell Tower plaza.  The second is the two unit mall at 35 Lowell.  This later unit was actually constructed on the portion of the original parking area for LNL Bowl.
The Winn House at 1 Winn Avenue razed about 2006 and replaced with the current building.  The first occupant was European Deli with a speciality menu including European style ice cream, coffee, and sandwiches.  It has since been used as Tokyo Joe’s Karae Studio.  It is currently doing business as Dojo Sante; karate, kickboxing, and fitness.
Our photo is courtesy of the Winn Family and is a part of the Historical Society Collection.

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