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Hudson Shopping Center



Hudson Shopping Center C1977

By the mid 1960’s business at the Hudson Shopping Center and their main store, The Hudson Super Market, was expanding and the Provencal Family would soon be expanding yet another time.  In early 1968 the State of New Hampshire was searching for a site in Hudson for a State Liquor Store and this shopping center was soon selected as the site.  By July of that year the ground breaking ceremony was held.  Construction of a multi-unit building was started immediately and completed in November.  By the first week in December what was slated as the most modern self service facility operated by the state was opened at the corner of Birch Street and Lowell Road and part of the  Hudson Shopping Center.  Our first photo shows the building  as it appeared In 1977.    At that time  the building was the site of  Gio’s Pizza on the Birch Street side with Giovanni’s Blue Whale Restaurant, Gosselin’s Pharmacy, and the NH State Liquor Store facing Lowell Road.

TBones Plaza 2006

Today this is knows as T-Bones Plaza.  T-Bones moved into Hudson in 1991 and soon became a popular place for lunch and/or dinner.  In 2006, when our second photo was taken, this was the location of T-Bones as well as Postal Center, Supercuts, Subway, a dance academy, tanning spa, and a dry cleaners.  Both photos are from the Historical Society Collection.



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