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The House at 26 Lawrence Road




26 Lawrence Road C1893

This house at 26 Lawrence Road is remembered by many, including myself, as the home of Hazel and Walter McInnis and their daughter Winnie.  The McInnis family purchased this farm in August 1944 from the family of Edward Senneville.  For many years Walter McInnis was a dairy farmer; using the brook located across from his barn on  Lawrence Road to water his cows when the farm well was low.  Until the new Route 111 was constructed in the middle 1960’s, this was the state road and traffic along the road was often halted while approximately 12 cows crossed the road to get water from the brook!  Mr. McInnis passed  in 1969.  Mrs. McInnis and Winnie lived here until the farm was sold in August 1982 to The Marcum Family.

In 1858 this was the home of Simeon Robinson, Jr. and by 1892 it was the home of  his son Frank.   Simeon, Jr. was born in March 1821 and by the age of 23 he was a single father and a widower.  His first wife, Elizabeth, passed away in 1844 leaving him with their 4 year old son, Lucius.   In 1848, Simeon, Jr married Charlotte Glidden. Their oldest son, Frank, was born in 1850.   Upon the death of Simeon Jr.  in 1897, the farm passed to his son Frank. It was sold in Oct  1924 to Warren Gilcrest  by Frank’s  widow, Alecia, and two daughters , Charlotte and Annette.  Gilcrest  owned  the place until 1942 when it was sold to the Senneville family.

Attached are two photos of this house.  The earlier photo was taken  about 1893 . Based upon the ages of Simeon, Jr and members of the Frank Robinson family at that time period, the people in this photo are likely Frank’s wife  Alecia,  his father Simeon, Jr, Frank himself, and Frank’s young daughters Charlotte and Annette.  The recent photo  shows the house as it looks today  and is the photo of records with the Town of Hudson.


26 Lawrence Road C 2012


The Robinson Family moved into this part of Hudson (then Londonderry) in 1763 when Peter Robinson, Simeon Jr’s grandfather,  purchased a farm of about 150 acres from Elisha and Mary Cummings of Londonderry.  Peter moved here by 1768 with two adult sons, Simeon and Douglas, plus his second wife and their young family.  Douglas removed to what is now Hancock, NH.  Simeon remained in this area and married first Susannah Tarbox.  The descendants of Simeon and Susannah settled on Peter’s farm.  This farm, now at 11 Old Robinson Road, remains in the family line from  Simeon  and Susannah.   After the death of Susannah in 1818, Simeon married a second time to a widow, Susan (Wyman) Tarbox.   They had one son, Simeon, Jr. who ultimately settled at what is now 26 Lawrence Road.



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