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188 Central Street – Hudson Professional Center



188 Central Street C1942

188 Central Street at the corner with Burnham Road was home to Ivan Robinson Smith and his family of Mary (Manning) and their son Donald.  Ivan was employed as a molder in Nashua; retiring from White Mountain Freezer Company.   This Smith family homestead was a family farm on about 3 acres of  land.  Ivan was born in Hudson in 1897 and lived the better part of his life on this farm.  Our first photo shows the  Smith home in 1942 shortly after it was reconstructed and reduced in size following a fire.  The fire started in the house and destroyed about 50% of the house and the entire barn.  The house, white with shutters, had a doorway and driveway onto Central Street.  After Ivan’s death in 1966, Mary and Donald continued to live here until the property was sold to the Cloutier Brothers for commercial purposes in 1972. A few years prior to this final sale two other parcels had been sold.  The first was sold as a residential lot to Mr and Mrs George Tetler who became good and faithful neighbors to the Smiths, living at what is now 21 Burnham Road until 1979.  The second parcel was for commercial purposes and gave rise to the commercial building at 23 Burnham Road.  After the sale of their home Mary and son Donald moved to a house on Tessier Street here in Hudson.  Mary passed in 1990; known for her gentle disposition despite being bed ridden for over 20 years with arthritis.  Donald attended Hudson schools, graduated Alvirne and Andover Institute of Business.  He retired from The Telegraph as Business Manager after 45 years of service.  He remains in Hudson, living on Glasgow Circle.
Prior to Ivan this was home to his father Marcel and his grandfather William.  William moved here from Massachusets with his family in the 1800’s.  Hudson has a number of Smith families; and as far as we know, there is no known connection between this Smith line and the others in our town.

Hudson Professional Center C 1977

Our second photo shows the corner of Central and Burnham C 1977 as photographed for the “Town in Transition”.  In the foreground is Hudson Professional Building built by Cloutier Brothers; now the location of Family Vision Care,  Sapphire Salon, Julies, Merry Maids, and Electrolysys.  At the time traffic flow at the corner was controlled by a stop sign – no traffic light!
Further along on Burnhad Road we see the private residence at 21 Burnham; originally home to Mr and Mrs George Tetler.  In between is the commercial building at 23 Burnham; the location of Hudson Hair Design and Veteran Chimney.   Two other commercial sites, not shown on this photo,were  built on the Smith Homestead.  They are Hudson Endodontic and Clean Monster Car Wash at 182 and 184 Central Street.
Thanks to Don Smith for the early photo and information about his family home.  The 1977 photo is from the Historical Society collection.

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