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Area Surrounding Library and Webster School C 1910



Area Surrounding Library and Webster School C 1910

From this early post card of Webster School, Hills Memorial Library, and the surrounding area we get an idea of what this section of town looked like about 1910.   Kimball Webster School (right) had been in use since it’s completion in 1896.  The new Hills Memorial Library (left) was  completed in 1908.  The photo  for this post card was taken from an open field across the street from Webster School at the corner of School and Library Streets.  In fact, what is now Library Street was barely a dirt road in this picture.  One can locate the road by following the utility pole.  An 1892 map of Hudson shows an ice house where the Hills Library is located and what is now Library Street was called Sanders Street.
Looking beyond these buildings and along Ferry Street we see very little construction.  On Ferry Street and opposite the library is the home at what is now 42 Ferry Street; known by many as the Cunningham home and now owned by Kurt Smith.  On the knoll behind the library and the school we see another early home;  most likely the home at what is now 55 Ferry Street.
Today this open field is the site of the Leonard Smith Fire Station and the Town Office Building; built in the  the 1950’s and 1960s respectively.  Before these buildings this field was a popular playground; used during pre-school,recess, and after school activities for Webster School.  During the spring and summer months this field was used by the Recreation Department for a ball field, basketball court, and playground for the younger kids.  As a point of memory, Hudson resident Dan O’Brien has fond memories of little league games played here, as early as 1950 or 51,under the direction of Manager Brown.  These may have been some of the earliest little league games in Hudson.  The year construction was underway for the new fire station Dan recalls breaking a window in the station while throwing rocks.  Yes! He was busted by Chief Andy Polak.  In Andy’s  way all he did was report Dan to his parents.  But, that was enough!  Photo from the Historical Society collection.

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