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Raymond and Ebenezer Pollard House C 1942



Ebenezer Pollard House Lowell Rd  C 1942

This home of Raymond Pollard was located on the east side of  Lowell Road opposite the Luther Pollard/Hardy Farm.  Using today’s Lowell Road landmarks it was located on what is now the northern end of the parking lot for Market Basket.  The Raymond Pollard farm, was part of the original Thomas Pollard, Jr farm which was settled C 1731.  The exact boundaries of the original  farm in this area are unclear; but did include this farm, as well as parts or all of the Luther Pollard Farm, and the Samuel Gowing Farm.  This house was built about 1838 by Ebenezer Pollard, the grandfather of Raymond, on the exact site of an earlier house built by an earlier ancestor!!

Raymond was born in Hudson in 1878 and lived all but the last few months of his 93 years living  in this home.  In fact, up until age 90 he was actively operating this family farm which had been in his family for over 250 years.

From documentation of this house written in 1942 we learn that the timbers in the timbers and many of the rafters,  were hand hewn and many of the joints were held together by wooden pegs and any nails used were hand made.  The main timbers were very large, mostly 10″ by 10″ and a few 8″ by 8″. The stairways was narrow and winding. The chimneys were made of  mud brick and, in 1942, one chimney was still in good condition and in constant use.

Raymond and his wife Cora (Cooper) had a daughter Vernetia who married Sullivan W. Brown of Nashua in 1924.  Cora passed about 1965; Raymond continued to live here until 1970.  Some time, just before or after his passing this property was sold.  By 1986 a shopping center consisting of Hudson Snack Bar, State of NH Liqueur Store, and Osco Drug.  The center has been expanded and now includes Market Basket of Hudson.  Photo and documentation of the house are from a booklet entitled “Hudson NH Homes Built Before 1842”; a project of The Hudson Fortnightly Club and on file at the Historical Society.



  1. I lived in this house on Lowell road .My dad had a wood working shop in the barn. my wedding was held in that barn … In the front yard we had a horse and buggy. Market basket now sits on park of our land and the Nash land I think it was next to us on the right the area that has grass at market basket was our back drive way …….if you look at the window in the house rt front was dining area left front living room area side right was kitchen at the door .this house had 4 fire places in it and we had a carriage shed towards the back and a very large milking barn at the end of the drive way toward the back area this house had so many rooms and two stair cases front of house and one off kitchen …..when we move in we found a window but could not find where it went to there was no door to that room …later on we found out it was an indoor root cellar and we pulled down a board and the door was there ….we stored all can good in there this was a Great home ………….Miss that house


    • Ruth M Parker says:

      This house and farm were amazing because of the length of time it was owned and lived in by members of the same family. Love your comments about the root cellar and your wedding. Thanks for sharing! Do you mind my asking…are you a relative of Ray Pollard? Ruth


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