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Central Street Looking West C 1935


This week we go back to about 1935 and look west on Central Street across from what is now 74 Central (near Hammond Park).  In fact, the first mailbox on the right side of Central Street is for that home; the home of Gerri and Leon Hammond for many years.
In the forefront Central Street is a dirt roadway and remains dirt until just before the intersection with Lowell.  To help locate this intersection follow the utility poles which veer to the left behind the row of maple trees.  When we compare the C 1935 photo with the current photo, we realize the Lowell and Central intersection was more of a sharp  angle; not the 90 degree one it is today.
On the right side of Central is what is now 72 Central, for many years the home of Hazel (Jewell)  Austin.  On the left and at the beginning of Lowell Road is what is now 1 Lowell Road.  In the center of the picture, barely visible is 59 Central, the former home of Maude Priest.
The morning sunlight casts a square shadow across the left side of the picture.  This is the image of the old tenement called ‘The Beehive’ located on Central and long since removed.   The early photo,from the Historical Society Collection, has been difficult to date.  If any of our readers can provide input please contact the HLN or the  Historical Society by email at HudsonHistorical@live.com or  by phone at 880-2020.

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