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20TH Century Shopping Center Derry Road C 1977



20th Century Shopping Center Derry Road 1977

During the decades of the 1940 and 50’s a business center developed in Hudson along Central and Ferry Streets as you approached the bridge into Nashua.  This center evolved, for the most part, in pre-existing wooden buildings many dating back to 1900 or earlier.    With the planning of the twin span bridges, new access routes were necessary on both sides of the Merrimack.  As a result a large number of buildings in the Hudson bridge area were demolished.
Phil Lamoy, owner of the 20th Century Stores, announced his plans to build a shopping center on the Derry Road.  Ground breaking on the 25 acre parcel, which included the site of the  former Goodwin’s Fried Clam Stand, took place July 1969.  As the buildings in the bridge area were scheduled for destruction, Lamoy moved his 20th Century Market into this center in 1970.  The shopping center expanded to include a drug store, beauty salon, barber ship, restaurant, department store, and parking for up to 700 cars.  Businesses  at the time of this photo included:  Bargain outlet, China Village, Clean and Handy Laundromat, Dion Cleaners, Haps Donut and Coffee Shop, Hudson Barber Shop, Hudson News and Card Shop, One-stop auto parts, Photo Island, and Continental Academie of Hair Design. This shopping center continued as the 20th Century Shopping Center, but by 1977 the 20th Century Store itself was no longer doing business in Hudson.
This shopping center has evolved over time.  Today it is knows as 102 Plaza.  Photo from the Hudson Historical Society collection.

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