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Library Park C 1920 and 1975


Library Park, that beautifully maintained, triangular park bounded by Ferry, Derry, and Library streets was a gift to the Town of Hudson by Mary Field Creutzborg and the efforts of her son-in-law Dr. Alfred Hills.  There is a granite boulder with a tablet at the park near the intersection of Ferry and Derry Streets   The tablet reads:  LIBRARY PARK – The gift of Mary Field Creutzborg 1911.
Library Park C 1920

Library Park C 1920

Just prior to 1911, this parcel of land was owned by parties living in Nashua.  They had sub-divided it into eleven house lots and offered then for sale.  Two had been sold and a house was being erected on one of them.  The residents of Hudson were beginning to realize that a potential of eleven houses in that area would be  of no real value.  There had been earlier discussion about acquiring the land for a public park; but, no action had been taken.
A special town meeting was called May 15, 1911 to see if the town would authorize the Selectmen to acquire this land by eminent domain for the purpose of a public park.  Dr Hills offered a resolution:  that the Selectmen be authorized to acquire the property for a public park, to be known as Library Park, at no expense to the town.  The resolution passed unanimously.  The owner of the house under construction was compensated with a much larger lot in a more desirable site.
The selection of the name Library Park was deliberately  chosen by the Hills/Creutzborg family.  Mrs. Ida Virginia Hills had passed away and the nearby library had been presented to the town in her memory.
Our first photo of Library Park was taken C 1920 from the corner of what is  now Ferry and Library Street.  This photo is courtesy of Gerald Winslow and a part of the Historical Society Collection.  The second photo is Library Park from Ferry Street looking toward Library Street C 1976 and is also a part of our collection.

Library Park 1975

Library Park is greatly appreciated by the citizens of Hudson.  We are grateful to the donors for their foresight and generosity.

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