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Taylor Falls Iron Bridge



Taylor Falls Iron Bridge

Once the decision was made to replace the wooden bridge  a  contract in the amount of  $19,500 was awarded in 1881 for the construction of this Taylor Falls Iron Bridge between Hudson and Nashua. The iron bridge was built in the same location as and using the same abutments as the old wooden bridge but with an increased  grade of 2 feet.  In addition to the new bridge this contract  included  raising the grade,  removal of the old wooden structure, and the  stone work under the bridge.  The contractor kept the materials from the old bridge.  This bridge was open for public travel in November 1881.  In the end, after Hudson received money from Nashua, Litchfield, and Londonderry, the actual cost of this iron bridge to the town was about $7,300.
For 14 years this bridge needed little maintenance except for new planking, painting, and tightening of the rods.  In 1895 the bridge was strengthened  and provided with new floor beams so as to allow for electric cars (trolleys) between Nashua and Hudson.  These improvements were paid for by the electric car company.
By 1909 safety issues again developed.  This time the issue was related to the increased weight and frequency of the electric cars; more than doubled when first allowed on the bridge.  Engineering experts were called in to review the bridge and found it to be unsafe.  Only 28 years after completion plans were underway to replace this bridge. This photo from the collection of the Hudson Historical Society was taken from the Hudson side pf the river.


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