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St, John’s and Library Street School c1977


St John's and Library Street School  c1977

St John’s and Library Street School c1977

This familiar school on Library Street was built in 1957 by St. John’s Church as a private parochial school.  During the year 1974-75  the church found it necessary to close the school.  The Hudson School Board and officials of the church worked  on a mutually agreeable contract so that all Hudson students could be accommodated.  St. John’s school was re-opened in the fall of 1975 as part of the public school system of Hudson.  The town leased the school from St. John’s for that first year with an option to renew for up to 2 years.  As a part of this lease agreement St. John’s Church would use the facilities during non-school hours for it’s confraternity christian doctrine (CCD) classes.  The town purchased the property in July 1976 at a cost to the  district of $616,000;  a significant savings when compared to the cost of new construction at the estimated 1.2M.  After this purchase the school was renamed Library Street School. Today this school at 22 Library Street is part of the town’s Early Learning Center;  as such all preschool and kindergarten classes are held here.  Photo by John Allison and a part of the photo collection of The Hudson Historical Society.


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