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Indian Head Bank C1977

Indian Head Bank Ferry Street C 1977

Indian Head Bank Ferry Street C 1977

The first bank in Hudson was a branch of the Indian Head Bank.  The bank  established  temporary quarters in October 1963 at the corner of Ferry Street and Campbell Avenue.  A permanent brick building was soon completed at the same location  and was opened in March 1964.  By November 1976 the bank purchased the former home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson and built a more spacious office with ample parking.  The original, and smaller,  building was removed from the lot onto the site of the former Bradley’s Market at 39 Ferry Street on the corner of Library Street.  The first photo, taken C1977, shows the  Indian Head building.  As a result of bank mergers it is now Santander Bank.
39 Ferry - HFD Office Building

39 Ferry – HFD Office Building


The second photo shows the office of the Hudson Fire Department  at 39 Ferry Street.  This building was the former Indian Head Branch building at the corner of Ferry and Campbell in 1964 and removed in 1976. Photos from the Historical Society Collection.



Barretts Hill Road and Greeley Street C1908


Barretts Hill Road and Greeley Street C1908

In this C1908 Post Card we are on Barretts Hill Road looking  west and down onto Greeley Street; which runs horizontal in the picture.  At this intersection a left turn onto Greeley  takes you to Hudson Center; with a right turn you are headed towards Old Derry Road.  Straight ahead you are looking at what is now 68 Greeley Street.  In the center of the intersection notice the grassy triangular piece.  This is called a “heater piece”. This  peculiar shape is formed from the flow of traffic; by continually going left, right, or straight this part of the intersection receives little or no traffic.  It is given the name “heater piece” as the resulting shape resembles that of a flat iron.  At the time of this photo the house shown here belonged to the estate and family  of David Glover.  Photo from the Historical Society Collection.

St, John’s and Library Street School c1977

St John's and Library Street School  c1977

St John’s and Library Street School c1977

This familiar school on Library Street was built in 1957 by St. John’s Church as a private parochial school.  During the year 1974-75  the church found it necessary to close the school.  The Hudson School Board and officials of the church worked  on a mutually agreeable contract so that all Hudson students could be accommodated.  St. John’s school was re-opened in the fall of 1975 as part of the public school system of Hudson.  The town leased the school from St. John’s for that first year with an option to renew for up to 2 years.  As a part of this lease agreement St. John’s Church would use the facilities during non-school hours for it’s confraternity christian doctrine (CCD) classes.  The town purchased the property in July 1976 at a cost to the  district of $616,000;  a significant savings when compared to the cost of new construction at the estimated 1.2M.  After this purchase the school was renamed Library Street School. Today this school at 22 Library Street is part of the town’s Early Learning Center;  as such all preschool and kindergarten classes are held here.  Photo by John Allison and a part of the photo collection of The Hudson Historical Society.

Looking North From 23 Derry Road – 1946

Looking North from 23 Derry 1946 a

23 Derry Road Looking North in 1946

In this photo we are standing at 23 Derry Road and looking north in the year 1946.  On the left we see Fuller’s Service Station  at 26 Derry and just prior to that one can barely see the intersection with Leslie Street.  Opposite the service station is the intersection with Haverhill Street.  The quiet country road is a sharp contrast to the busy state highway we experience today.  Photo compliments of George Fuller and now a part of the Historical Society Collection.