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Connie’s Country Store



Connie’s Country Store – Derry Road (click pic to enlarge)

Let’s meet at Connie’s!!    A widely popular spot for Hudson and Litchfield folks is shown in this 1977 photo.  As you enter the building you had Connie’s Country Store and Restaurant on your right and the Garden Center and Green House on the left.  By the late 1950’s the State of New Hampshire re-routed Route 102 (Derry Road),  just north of the Hills House, to proceed north through parts of Litchfield, then back into Hudson, then forward to Londonderry and Derry.  Before this time Route 102 followed the route of what is now Old Derry Road.  The construction of this New Derry Highway extended traffic onto much previously undeveloped land in Litchfield and Hudson.
In 1959 Connie and Amadee “Midee” Desmarais purchased property at the corner of Derry and Cutler Roads and went into business.  In the early years they had a fruit and vegetable stand and soon expanded to include a variety of products, food, and services.  In 1965 fire destroyed the Desmarais home and business.  Connie’s was rebuilt as shown in this week’s photo.
The Desmarais family operated Connie’s for over 25 years until 1985 when they considered retirement and sold the business; only to be ‘called’ out of retirement.  This occured not just once, but twice!!  They finally sold again in 2002.
Still known to some as Connie’s Plaza this site at 297 Derry Road is now home to Rocco’s Pizza, Klemm’s Bakery, Findeisen’s Ice Cream, Second Look Consignment, Rhino Tax preparer, and Moonlight nails.  Photo from the Historical Society Collection.


  1. Bernie Beaulieu says:

    I remember coming here with my family as early as 1967 or 68 when I was 5 or 6 years old. They had the best fried chicken and my dad and brother always got the fried scallops. I didn’t like them then but would love to have a huge plate of them now. I also remember a miner bird that could talk ithat they kept in the country store.


  2. Jeanne Dube says:

    I have fond memories of my family occasionally getting takeout from Connie’s in the early 70s when we lived in Hudson. A couple quarts each of the fried clams and french fries. They were always delicious.


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