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Thompson’s Market on Central Street c1977


The tradition of a grocery store at Hudson Center continued when the Thompson Brothers, Dave and Bob, relocated their business to 230 Central Street in 1970 following the fire at the Kimball Hill Road location.  This Central Street site had been part of the Greeley-Wentworth property.   Dave and Bob ran the business together for about 5 years, at which time Dave retired from the business. Bob purchased his brother’s interests and continued to manage the store. This he did  until his retirement in 2002, when he received an offer from 7-11 Corporation. Thompson’s Market was an ever popular min-supermarket which is fondly remembered by many!!   In this c1977 photo we see the low price of gas and pork chops!!  This location is now the 7-11 located at 230 Central Street in Hudson Center.  Photo from the Historical Society Collection.

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