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Town House Hudson Center



In 1857 Hudson contracted with William Anderson of Windham to erect this Town House on the site of the Old North Meeting House in Hudson Center.  The North Meeting House was deeded to the town by the Baptist Society after The Baptist Church was completed  in 1841.  Town meetings were held here until the mid 1930’s when there was a desire among the town people to hold meetings at the bridge area.  Wattannick Grange held their meetings here from its organization.  In 1963 the town authorized the sale of the building to Wattannick Grange.  To the right of the Town House is Harvey Lewis’ Coal Grain and Grocery; on the left and rear is the B&M Railroad Depot. Today, now that Hudson and Wattannick Granges have merged, this building is known as Wattannick Hall the home of Hudson Grange No 11.  Photo from the Historical Society collection.



  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Hi Ruth, The pictures and brief sketches are terrific. Well done my friend!


  2. Craig Bailey says:

    Hi Ruth – This site looks great and is very informative!


  3. Ruth M Parker says:

    Appreciate all your comments.


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