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Topspin Racquet and Tennis Club


The Steak Barn Restaurant and Topspin Racquet and Tennis Club  located on Lowell Road c1976.  This photo was taken by the Historical Society while preparing for The Town in Transition.  The location of the Steak Barn Restaurant  The Monroe Muffler Shop (250 Lowell) and the Tennis Club was located in what is now the parking lot for the Walmart Store at 254 Lowell Road. (Published in HLN August 15, 2014.)


  1. Ruth M Parker says:

    The building on the left is a restaurant. In 1976 it was operating as Old Steak House. By 1986 was operating as Tiffany’s and by 1988 as The Chowder House.


  2. Ruth M Parker says:

    The Chowder House closed May 1989. The Common Crossing Restaurant from Nashua took over the lease and began operation in Hudson August 1989.


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