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The Parsonage at 234 Central Street c1980

Parsonage c1980 comp
Historians date this house to about 1790 when it, and much of Hudson Center,  was a part of the farm of Henry Hale. This became the home of Reuben Greeley about the time of his marriage to Joanna Merrill in 1817.  From that time  until 1962 this home was occupied by Reuben or a member of his family.  After Reuben’s death in 1863 his son Daniel continued to live here with his wife, Joanna, and daughter Edwina.  Edwina married John Wentworth and in time ownership was passed to their son Nathaniel.  Nathaniel married Jesse Gilbert of Windham who resided here until her death in 1962; after which the Baptist Church purchased and remodeled the home  to be used as a parsonage for their pastor and family.  The parsonage has been located here at 234 Central Street some 53 years.  In this c1980 photo church members are washing windows and cleaning exterior of the parsonage.  Photo courtesy of Hudson Baptist Church.


Baker Brothers Block in 1933

Baker Brothers’ Store and Block as photographed in 1933 from the corner of Central and Ferry Streets at the bridge.  The building is decorated for the 1933 bicentennial celebration of the founding of Nottingham, MA in 1733.   The old watering  trough is in the lower left.   The 38 star American flag is displayed on the right. This became our official flag after admission of Colorado as a state in 1876.  Photo and flag are part of the Historical Society collection. (Published in HLN August 22, 2014.)

35 Central Street


The home of Charles A. Daniels was built about 1901 and is shown in this 1904 photograph with the family.  Photographed are his wife Anna, her father David Sheldon and her mother Sarah who is holding Anna’s second child, Lorraine.  Seated on the steps is Rev. Franklin Chapin, the Congregational Minister.  Seated at the right is Charles A. Daniels holding his oldest child Raymond.  Once a part of the Gillis Estate this house lot was purchased by Charles A. Daniels in 1901.  Charles Daniels was the Hudson Postmaster from 1903 until 1921 and one of the proprietors of Daniels and Gilbert Store at the Bridge.  The home remained in the Daniels family until purchased by the family of Robert and Martha Smith in 1949.   This building is located at 35 Central Street and is owned by the Smith family  and is home to their family business Smith Plumbing and Heating.