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The Part Played by New Hampshire in the Revolution

An essay, researched and written by H.O. Smith. MD of Hudson was read before the Nashua Historical Society on December 99, 1935. A typed copy of this essay including some of H.O.’s handwritten edits is now a part of the collection of the Hudson Historical Society. The document, passed to his son, Deering G. Smith, MD was donated to the society in 1966 by Deering’s estate.

In summary, New Hampshire was the first colony to establish independent self-government upon a constitutional basis; and,

was the first to make an open attach on the military forces of Great Britain; and

the first to suggest a Declaration of independence; and

lastly, but not least, in the two pivotal battles of the war, Bunker Hill and Bennington she furnished the majority of the men engaged, as well as their leader, General John Stark.

  To read the full text of “The Part Played by New Hampshire in the Revolution” click here.


Dr. H. O. Smith

 Dr. Henry Onslow Smith was born in Hudson December 1864.  After graduating Nashua High School he attended Dartmouth college for two years and then entered Bellevue Hospital Medical college in New York.  After completing his studies and a year of residency he returned to Hudson at the age of 24 in 1888 to begin his 57 year medical practice.  In 1940 he was granted a degree of bachelor of arts by the Board of Trustees at Dartmouth college.  In May 1945, after completing a house call for one of his patients, he passed suddenly.  
     Many knew him as Dr. Harry or as Dr. H.O.  He was devoted to his medical profession and also to the education and affairs of the people of Hudson.  One tribute to him stated “Dr.  Smith himself was never old in spirit.”  He greeted all ages as if they were his friends.  He welcomed new residents and kept in touch with his old friends.  He had a respect for the past and found great pleasure in genealogy and town and state history.  I have a personal respect for Dr. H. O. when I reach for a book at the historical society which came from his personal library; often times finding annotations in his own handwriting which offer corrections or updating of the material written in the book.  
     Dr. Harry came from a family of physicians and educators.  His father, Dr. David O. Smith was also a lifelong physician in Hudson and he served on Hudson’s  first School Board.  His brother Dr. Herbert L. Smith and his son Dr. Deering G. Smith practiced in Nashua.  Two uncles from his mother’s family were also doctors.  His father, Dr. David O. and his grandfather Alvan Smith served on the school committee.  His parents were both school teachers in Hudson.  In fact David O. Smith earned most of his money for his medical expenses by teaching a private school.